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The messenger immediately after subscribing. But there are other possibilities. and send personalized messages at different stages of the sales funnel. Distributed lead send a message with a photo and contact information of the manager send relevant cases. Issued an invoice send an invoice or payment link and schedule reminders. Only through reminders about an unpaid invoice can you increase your conversion rate by up to . Plus you will relieve the sales manager so that he can spend his time on what really brings in money.

Integrate your chatbot with your CRM

Using simple triggers in messengers you can implement the routine Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data function of confirming an order or choosing the time and place of delivery. In any business there are processes that can be accelerated and optimized with the help of a chatbot.  Warming circuit. If you have previously compiled a CJM Customer Jorney Map know the clients motives and barriers at each stage of decisionmaking congratulations you have already done most of the work. This means that you understand what to write to the client to encourage him to make a decision.

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Segmentation Chatbots are the most

All that remains is to assemble an auto funnel which through the Costa Rica Phone Number List messenger will push the client from the formation and awareness of a need to a purchase and ideally also carry out upsales.  effective segmentation tool available today. allow you to segment him almost all of your subscribers will answer and you can offer them more relevant content. It is important that maximum efficiency can only be achieved by combining all these scenarios. Segment your users to sign them up for the most relevant thread. Dont forget to send them newsletters with new content after the chain has ended. Send invoices and order status notifications. Chatbot VS email Chatbot is not a new technology. Conceptually a chatbo.

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