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The DevTools are tools built into Chrome for web development and website debugging. With their help you can change the useragent and simulate a request on behalf of a search robot. Setting up a robot user useragent Open the website page in Chrome that you want to see through the eyes of a search engine.Click on the three vertical dots More tools Network Conditions. Chrome DevTools At the bottom in the column with request parameters you will see the current useragent. Uncheck the Use default browser user agent option. Select the useragent of the search bot the desired search engine for example Googlebot. setting up Googlebot in Chrome DevTools For a Yandex bot you need to select Custom in the useragent field and enter YandexBot . in the field below combots .

Press F or rightclick and select View Code

Like this setting up YandexBot in Chrome DevTools Then Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List you need to refresh the page in the same the Network tab. Scroll up and select your page. In the Headers section you will see the HTTP headers. headers Chrome DevTools In the Response section you will see the HTML code that the Google search bot would receive. Response in Chrome DevTools Analyze the answer the HTML code of the page for the search engine. Then return the normal useragent and compare the versions.

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View the response from the server Go

In general using the Chrome developer tools you can quickly Algeria Phone Number List simulate requests from different search robots and compare site responses. This will help you find problems with optimization and indexing. But this method has its own inconveniences you need to switch between different tabs and settings and reload the page after each change of settings which takes time. You also need to have at least a basic understanding of HTML and HTTP headers. Briefly about the main thing In order for a website.

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