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The Content quality audit updating reoptimization of content. Why its worth reading The book provides many examples cases and stepbystep instructions. There are videos with expert discussions that you can watch right in the book. The book will help if the site is not promoting well traffic has decreased conversion is low. Where to buy on the authors website DrMax SEO MONSTER NEXT. VOLUME SEO MONSTER NEXT. VOLUME Author DrMax. Year of release December . How much does it cost rubles. What is this book about If you thought technical SEO was difficult this book will change your mind. The author explains in simple accessible language all aspects of a technical site audit.

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The book contains stepbystep instructions for collecting and analyzing Jamaica WhatsApp Number List technical factors examples checklists and recommendations for website optimization. Here is a summary of the books main themes Introduction to Technical SEO Objectives of technical audit. Defining goals and audit tasks to improve site performance. Indexing. Sitemap optimization methods. xml robots.txt file instructions for metarobots use of canonical URLs. Website functionality and performance. Discussion of HTTPS speed page statuses redirect analysis. Site structure. Analysis of structure elements breadcrumbs page depth external and internal links detection of lost pages. Keyword effectiveness. Keyword research strategies ways to optimize them. Additional aspects.

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Processing of duplicate content problems of the mobile version Colombia Phone Number List analysis of international sites implementation of structured data. Audit using software tools Selecting programs for Security and performance testing. external links. URL analysis. Evaluate and improve URL structure. Metadata analysis. Review of Title and description their optimization. Analysis of H and H tags. Evaluating the use and optimizing these tags. Content analysis. Checking for duplicate content assessing the quality of content on pages. Analysis of canonicals and hreflang. How to properly use and implement these tags to improve indexing. Stepbystep technical analysis Technical Analysis Guide. Checking external links.

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