Detailed dynamics by region

The weeks months Now when analyzing the dynamics of a request you can flexibly configure the time range of interest. If previously dynamics were plotted only on a monthly scale now it is possible to conduct detailed analysis by weeks and even individual days. Wordstat . setting up analysis periods days weeks months You can sample the dynamics starting from January . This feature helps you track shortterm demand fluctuations across queries.  seasonal sales or advertising campaigns. Flexibility in setting periods allows you to quickly obtain and analyze the necessary data without unnecessary information. And detailing down to the level of days gives an idea of very precise request dynamics.

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Thanks to this innovation Wordstat analytics has become even Panama WhatsApp Number List more useful for quickly monitoring the market and making informed marketing decisions. Ability to download data in CSV Now any query data collected in Wordstat can be easily downloaded as a CSV file a table with commaseparated values. Wordstat . Ability to download data in CSV Export is available for the following data categories General dynamics of requests by month or other periods. Detailed dynamics by region. Top queries and similar queries. It is convenient to open CSV files for analysis in spreadsheet editors Excel or Google Sheets.  data for further analysis. Compare the dynamics of different requests. Create summary reports and charts.

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Exporting data helps Save the original

Import data into other services. In general the ability to Costa Rica Phone Number List download Wordstat results greatly simplifies working with the resulting analytics. No need to manually transfer numbers into Excel. Export to CSV allows you to analyze data build reports and presentations faster and more conveniently. Filtering by device types and regions In the updated Wordstat you can flexibly configure statistics filtering according to the following parameters Device type desktops smartphones tablets. Wordstat . Filtering by device type Region allRussian data or specific region.

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