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The senses and can engage and tell stories. One of the best examples of BB video work is the IBM YouTube account . When the traditional approach to marketing through expertise gives way to captivating visuals. Another successful example is the Google Small Business You. Tube channel where storytelling familiar to mass markets is use to communicate with BB clients. Did you like the article Tell us about her on social networks Assessment votes leave a comment. What is your name Enter your name Email Enter your Email. A comment Enter your comment. By clicking the button you agree to the rules for processing personal data. Receive the main digital news in a convenient format.

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Trainee school Vacancies Contacts Privacy Policy Marketing Bahamas Phone Number List Group Completo Study all our materials for free and join us Is a chatbot just another toy for marketers or an email marketing killer Communication with a living person Sometimes its so tiring. different matter hes always in a great mood wants to please you and knows what you need. If you entered into a dialogue with a chatbot it means it has penetrated your closest circle of communication your messenger. Who else would you allow this to happen Chatbots are predicted to have a great futureon their basis new standards for direct marketing will be established.

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