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Experiment with the arrangement of. The and you cannot promote empty or junk pages. Here are general recommendations. Each page is optimiz for a specific search phrase.the sake of content but actually. Helps the user find an answer to the question and solves his problem. The best option is expert content creat by a specialist in one field. For example the description of a commercial page about building materials is creat by a professional builder. Analyze the most popular entry pages by traffic. In Yandex.Metrica this report Login Pages is locat here png For analysis. We take the most visit pagespng These pages are the business card of your site.

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They create the first impression of the company. Therefore the content Thailand Mobile Number List on them should be as expert and. Useful as possible for the target audience. Required Check the relevance of the content in relation to the title. Evaluate the quality of the content and if necessary update the information. Remember pages should be userfriendly and optimized for conversions their loading speed is very important. Return on investment on advertising She is also ROMI . Absolutely every company wants to get the maximum return on all investments in promotion.

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ROMI is a key KPI for assessing monthly and annual Thailand Email List promotion results. It is the return on investment in advertising that should determine all strategies and budgets that the company plans and not vice versa. png Landing page conversion rate All landing pages should generate leads this is the rule. No matter how beautiful and visited the page is it will be useless if it is not optimized for collecting leads and does not generate them To increase landing page conversions The content should be expert and useful to the target audience. Add a call to action to your pagein any effective format.

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