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The who later turned into customers. Lets take a closer look at these KPIs. Mobile traffic leads and conversions Mobile traffic is important because today every person is on a smartphone from morning until late at night. Desktop traffic gradually fades into the background and ceases to be the main one. The Mobile first concept is being actively promoted proclaiming the primacy of mobile devices over the desktop. A clear understanding of how a mobile visitor interacts with a site will help improve its usability and increase the conversion rate of key pages.

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Answer simple questions Does your website solve the Netherlands Mobile Number List problems of your target audience Is the content on the site useful Is it readable when opened from a mobile device Is it convenient for a mobile user to interact with site elements How quickly do website pages load How well designed is the interface How complex is the site structure Metrics that may indicate problems with mobile traffic Number of conversions from mobile devices. Differences in bounce metrics for mobile and desktop traffic. Types of mobile devices smartphones tablets. The conversion rate of landing pages is due to mobile traffic.

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Customer Acquisition Cost or CAC This metric includes total marketing expenses across all channels advertising budgets salaries of marketing and advertising specialists software Netherlands Telegram Number List payments overhead costs. client we take into account a specific time period for analysis and use the following formAC is always calculated for a specific time period After correct calculations you will learn to allocate accurate budgets for campaigns taking into account fixed costs. To minimize the cost of one client simplify the conversion on the site as much as possible . Engage expert content marketing add a CTA check how well the site is optimized for a mobile user. Do everything to make the site truly expert convenient and visited.

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