Further this format of communication

Further this format of communication. The how well in his opinion he cope with his duties in the first months. Then the manager gives an assessment using the same criteria. At the meeting we discuss all these points personally paying special attention to those parameters where the assessment of the manager and the employee does not agree. survey We conduct a survey in advance with colleagues and subordinates if this is a leadership position on the comfort and quality of work of the new employee. Feedback from colleagues helps to identify the employees strengths and weaknesses and highlights subtle points. We definitely ask the employee about his comfort at work whether he likes everything and whether he needs help with anything.

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Based on the results of the communication a specific task plan is produce Taiwan Phone Number List that must be complete before the next similar meeting with the manager. The plan is usually based on those issues for which low marks were received in the first part comments from colleagues and of course the personal wishes of the employee. Further this format of communication takes place once every six months once a quarter. Where do we receive training MAED departmental workshops and grades Employees encounter training on their first day. It all starts with internal instructions regulations calendars task tracker.

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Have collected a huge internal knowledge base in which departments Kenya Telegram Number List conduct workshops and master classes. One of these is an account diary a document in the form of Google.Sheets _.jpg Each stage has responsible people who control the passage of material. The manager studies the first two stages during the probationary period.  this knowledge an employee will not be able to perform basic actions correctly draw up an application for a contract request a certificate of completion draw up an estimate. After studying the first part we link the diary to completing the probationary period.

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