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The information noise and hypotheses about its development around this technology. Something similar happened with Clubhouse remember that one. The noise passed and the instrument was forgotten. What will happen to chatbots Lets try to figure out what benefits it can bring to. Dusiness and how to revive marketing with the help of artificial intelligence.  Chatbot capabilities Chatbots are used to solve a wide variety of business problems.

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These tasks can be divided into large groups. Automation Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data of business processes When we automate typical user scenarios and delegate some routine operations to the robot order confirmation and payment technical support requests NPS collection lead qualification. But every time the user moves away from this path the intervention of a living person is necessary. Warming up clients When we guide the user through a chain of warming content or subscribe him to regular content mailings in the messenger. Today businesses most often use chatbots with simple algorithms and primitive logic. But in some cases there are also more complex systems based on artificial intelligence which formally are chatbots.  A familiar example is voice assistants.

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Now these systems cost a lot of money and require the Cambodia Phone Number List participation of a whole team of developers. But the emergence of affordable SaaS solutions is just around the corner with the help of which you can create selflearning assistants without code or almost without code. However you shouldnt expect that the global fire of revolution is about to break out even simple modern chatbots can significantly increase sales and optimize some expenses. So how can a business use chatbots to get the maximum profit possible Main use cases for chatbots . Newsletter Initial scenario for using a chatbot.  current and potential clients and send them content and offers.   send the user useful content or a welcome email.

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