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The conversion rates from there It is no longer possible to underestimate the audience of social networks in . This traffic channel is becoming more and more important in the world. Every third Russian spends more than hours daily on social networks . Engagement on social networks is a metric that demonstrates the active interaction with content and its response to the audience. Bad content has low engagement while good content has high engagement. Engagement is denoted by the acronym ER Engagement Rate this is the average number of reactions that one average person makes. In other words the ratio of subscribers to the number of activities .

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To analyze engagement you should track specific metrics views Sweden Mobile Number List comments likes and other activity. If your company is present on several social networks then it is very useful to conduct an analysis break down each social network by the number of leads percentage of traffic. This way you will determine the most effective channel and be able to concentrate your efforts only on the social networks that are suitable for your business.for viral advertising in addition they are suitable for reach campaigns with detailed audience targeting. To improve traffic from social networks track the following KPIs The effectiveness of each social network is based on the conversions performed.

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The percentage of traffic from social networks is broken Israel Whatsapp Number List down by the total website traffic. Customer lifetime value or LTV Some marketers call this metric total value or LTV . This KPI shows how much revenue your company can expect over the average lifetime of one customer. To calculate this KPI use this formula _.png One of the main ways to improve customer lifetime value is to create businesses for audiences who are already your customers. In such companies it is necessary to inform customers about new productsservicesgoods.

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