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The curl A Googlebot Where in the A parameter we indicate Googlebot or another robot we need. It turns out like this Googlebot team In response cURL will return the HTML code and headers that this search robot sees on the site. Next we analyze the data received the status of the server response the presence of errors hidden text we compare the differences with the user version. We draw conclusions about the search engines perception of the site and possible optimization problems. So using cURL with different useragents you can compare how the site serves content for users and search engines.

This tool is suitable for a comprehensive

The disadvantage of this method is that there is no JavaScript Denmark WhatsApp Number List emulation a complex terminal interface and requires technical skills. Postman Postman is an API debugging and testing application. It can also be used to simulate requests from search robots to websites. You can download Postman from the link Postman app To configure Postman for such requests you need Create a new request and specify the site page URL. Go to the Headers tab and add the UserAgent parameter indicating the identifier string of the desired search robot.

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Using Postman you can simulate requests for

For example for Google it will be like Albania Phone Number List this UserAgent Googlebot . You can add other HTTP headers if you need to more accurately simulate a search engine request. Click Send and analyze the result the HTML code of the page that the robot sees. Repeat the request with a regular browser useragent and compare the versions.  different robots and different pages of the site to reveal Hidden text and content. Sections closed from indexing. Duplicate content.  audit of the sites perception by search robots. Limitations Postman does not execute JavaScript so the result is not completely identical to the work of real bots. Chrome DevTools Chrome.

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