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The page and it correlated such a page with the purchase of an iPhone. Also incredibly important was the density of keywords on the page Its funny but even in novice SEOs continue to demand a certain density from copywriters for each key. Yes the density of keys on the page was an important factor and it worked. But in Googles algorithms have become significantly smarter. They no longer take into account the density of phrases as they once did. found out above is to identify the main topic of the page . Adding keywords to the page in a direct or diluted entry is no longer so effective Google uses more than a hundred signals to determine the content of a page.

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The main ones Semantic page markup. Page title. Meta Brazil WhatsApp Number Data description. Information in alt image. LSI letters. LSI is one of the key signals. For example you published a post on your blog about iced coffee. Google still crawls the entire page to see where and how you use the phrase iced coffee in a title tag in page text in an image alt. But now crawlers search engine robots scan the page for the presence of LSI words related to the topic of cold coffee filter temperature grain grinding cold water ice.

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If a crawler finds these words on a page then Google will be Belize Phone Number List able to assume that it is entirely dedicated to the topic of iced coffee. Google also said that its algorithms look closely at words that frequently appear together to understand the main topic of an article Not to be confused with synonyms . LSI are words and terms that are closely related to the main query. For example take the word jogging. Jogging is simply a synonym for the word running but semantically slightly modified.

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