What interests the editor is

The Bitrix Content promotion Marketplaces Our cases Cases by industry Cases by area All Completo cases About company About company Trainee school Vacancies Contacts Privacy Policy Marketing Group Completo Study all our materials for free and join us How to understand that your content is a cannon All about editorial metrics Editorial metrics what kind of indicator Editorial metrics RM are an indicator that measures the quality of text execution logical structure and unified connection of parts. The pain of a copywriter is in his struggle with the editor inside.

The concept of PM was

First the text must solve business problems high Canada Mobile Number Database coverage and useful content and only then comes the understanding of why read the text to the end. But this is only a narrow view of the entire process. The main thing that editorial metrics help with is to understand how the user reads the text at the beginning middle and end of the material. How are they different from marketing metrics first used by Mail.ru Group. This is where other names came from attention analytics tool content analysis platform and editorial analytics service.

There are What interests the metrics to

All this is close to marketing metrics but the measurements take place in Seychelles Email List the background website traffic number of visitors audience portrait different segments CR conversion rate i.e. of visitors and target action advertising effectiveness indicators ROI CVP CPA CTR and othersĀ  measure performance and they are all different. What interests the editor is absolutely useless to the department head. Marketing metrics do not show a persons reaction and the depth of his interaction with the text. If a user lands on a page and immediately closes it the view is counted. Although no one read the article and the company did not get its story across. Google Analytics Yandex Metrica in this case will count the session in the bounce.

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