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Doesn’t mean a boring website design. If you work with an agency that specializes in website SEO redesign, like WebFX, you can count on receiving an attractive yet SEO-friendly site — check out our portfolio for some examples. 3. Preserve any existing optimizations Companies that already use SEO can’t afford to exclude SEO from their Keep in mind website redesign. A redesign that forgets all about SEO, like by launching your redesigned site without any redirects, can cost your business a significant amount of money in lost traffic, leads, and sales.

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Design agency must incorporate SEO into your Cambodia Telegram Number Data redesign. If you’re partnering with a web design company, make sure they understand search engine optimization and its impact on your site’s design and performance. Many agencies specialize in designing and developing websites and won’t include SEO. That means your business could lose all its hard work (and rankings) upon launching your new site. 4. Create a launchpad for success If you’re like most companies, you’re redesigning your website to help your business grow. You’re not looking to launch a new site to decimate your website traffic, online sales, or lead generation efforts, which can happen when SEO isn’t a part of your redesign.

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It easier for people to visit your Argentina Telegram Number List website, purchase your products, or contact your team. “Incorporating SEO in your redesign helps gear your site for success.” Incorporating SEO in your redesign helps gear your site for success. That’s why our agency, for example, doesn’t provide website redesign services without SEO. We want our clients to succeed and reach their goals for growing their companies. That’s why we incorporate and require SEO for all our redesigns because it sets your website up for success. Your free website redesign SEO checklist Ok, are you ready to learn what goes into a website SEO redesign? Get started with our free website redesign SEO checklist.

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