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The will understand what marketing moves and promotion tools are worth adopting. Finding weak points Analysis of rivals websites helps to find their promotion vulnerabilities. These flaws can be used to outrank rivals in search results for important queries. Lets say you have an online furniture store. You noticed that the main competitors do not offer a delivery service. And you can start implementing it. This will be your advantage.

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By posting such information on the website and processing Lebanon WhatsApp Number List queries with the words furniture delivery you will be able to get ahead of your competitors in the search results and attract more customers who value delivery. Tracking market dynamics It is important to monitor the dynamics of your competitors development in order to respond in a timely manner to their improvement in positions and to prevent your website from falling behind. Identifying newcomers When analyzing competitors it is useful to pay attention not only to niche leaders but also to new growing sites. Imagine a new online smartphone store has opened.

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While it is small it is actively promoting and gaining popularity. To understand Australia Phone Number List whether you should expect serious competition from such a newcomer you need to study its website. See what prices promotions delivery conditions he offers. Analyze reviews to see if customers like it. If a new competitor is growing rapidly expanding its product range and attracting an audience its worth paying attention to it. Perhaps over time he will displace the current leaders. of competitors is needed to compare them with the results of your website. This will allow you to understand in which direction to develop. Lets say you have an online childrens clothing store. You analyzed the website of your main competitor and found out that its conversion rate is higher than yours. And the average check is more.

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