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The tests will get to the top. You notice that after the update leading competitors began to appear precisely such materials. This is a signal that you should start creating live texts with stories to meet the new requirements of search engines. Thus by quickly noticing trends among strong players in a niche you can. Adjust your strategy and not lose your position in search results. Competitor analysis is your spy binoculars with the help of which you can not only spy on the successful moves of your neighbors but also see their mistakes so as not to repeat them yourself.

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If your competitors are missing something this is your chance to Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List fill the gap and offer customers what others are missing. How to find keywords and queries for analysis To begin working on competitor analysis it is important to determine what keywords and phrases they choose to attract audiences to their resources.of queries that will become the basis for researching competitors in search results. Analyze the semantic core of the site . Take the most relevant and popular search and transactional queries from there. For example for an online clothing store it could be buy a dress womens jeans etc.

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Read on topic Selection of keywords for SEO types characteristics Azerbaijan Phone Number List and recommendations In Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console look at which queries already have search traffic. Add them to the list for analysis. Use Yandex.Wordstat to find popular queries related to your topic. Eliminate irrelevant or lowfrequency queries leaving only those that can be useful for your business. Identify the most important sales requests that are most relevant to your business.  basis for searching for competitors in search results. Manual methods of searching for competitors Competitors websites can be found manually in search engines. But it will take longer than using specia.

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