Nevertheless out of habit you continue to

The of the situation he relies on familiar patterns past experiences and personal beliefs. And they are often wrong. What cognitive biases are most common in SEO How do they affect the work of the optimizer And what can be done to minimize these thinking errors Lets figure it out. Attachment effect The Texas Shooters Mistake or the Confirmation Effect The illusion of control Survivor bias Curse of Knowledge Effect The Overconfidence Effect Tendency to make delayed judgments Tetris effect Summary Disclaimer This article is based on wellknown psychological principles about typical thinking errors.

You end up wasting time and money

Plus from the personal experience of our team of SEO specialists. We described Egypt WhatsApp Number List common distortions that we encountered in our work and how to deal with them. We hope this knowledge will help other SEOs make more informed decisions and increase efficiency. Attachment effect Commitment to certain SEO strategies and tools despite their limited effectiveness. Its like holding on to an old pushbutton Nokia in the era of smartphones. Cognitive distortions attachment effect Example You work as an SEO specialist and have been promoting a clients website in Yandex for a long time.

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At the same time you noticed that these same

We did a lot of work optimized the content increased the link Armenia Phone Number List mass set up technical factors. And we achieved stable first positions for targeted queries. But a year ago the Yandex algorithm changed a lot and began to value behavioral factors more. Your positions on targeted queries have dropped by several lines.  queries began to be promoted more easily on Google thanks to their algorithm. Nevertheless out of habit you continue to optimize your site for Yandex and spend your budget on links in this system. After all this is what worked well before and you dont want to give up a proven strategy. Although the potential for traffic growth on Google is much higher.

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