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The important parts in the text. H is the most important heading every page should contain it. Headings help search engines understand the structure of the page. Such an audit will help you understand how optimized the page is for indexing and ranking by search engines. This means partially seeing it through the eyes of a robot. How does this help When indexing search engines analyze exactly this data on the page. Optimizing meta tags for keywords improves page indexing. Incorrect data can lead to a search engine misunderstanding the topic. Comparing meta data and content shows their relevance to the search engine.

Manual analysis takes a lot of time

You can identify duplications that are Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List detrimental to indexing. Disadvantages of this method Requires basic technical knowledge of HTML and SEO to correctly evaluate page code. and does not scale to a large number of pages. dynamic JavaScript content may differ. An example of a website made using JS scripts An example of a website made with JS scripts The technical features of indexing are not visible caching script processing. Therefore it is better to use analysis of headings and meta tags in conjunction with other methods of evaluating a page by a search engine.

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Only the static code of the page is viewed

Advanced ways to check a site To get as close as possible Cameroon Phone Number List to how a search engine sees your site you need to check special versions of pages for robots. The fact is that each search robot has its own unique browser identifier useragent. Using it the site determines that this particular robot has arrived. And maybe give him a special version of the page. Read more about useragent in Yandex.Help and in the Google Search documentation . For example to see what version of the site the Google robot receives you need to change the usual useragent to the unique Googlebot code.

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