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The You have done a lot of work to optimize the site added new pages improved usability increased link mass. After this positions for targeted queries increased by lines. You believe that it was your actions that led to such an improvement in position. In fact they could have been influenced by other factors changes in the search engine algorithm seasonal growth in demand mistakes of competitors. But you attribute the entire result to your efforts. Answer Separate your own influence and external factors when analyzing results. Understand that many optimization elements are beyond your control.

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Test each intervention separately to assess the effect. Avoid jumping to Estonia WhatsApp Number List conclusions about the relationship between actions and results. This will help you adequately assess your role and correctly plan further work. Survivor bias Focusing on successful cases and ignoring failures. Cognitive biases Survivor bias Example You see how your colleagues share stories of successful website promotion from scratch to the TOP in a short time. Their cases seem typical and inspire work. But in fact such rapid successes are the exception rather than the rule. Most projects progress slowly and laboriously. But they prefer not to talk about this so as not to spoil the picture.

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This is how a distorted perception of reality arises. Answer Pay Austria Phone Number List attention not only to successes but also to failures. Analyze statistics on multiple projects rather than individual cases. work when telling colleagues about quick successes. Avoid hasty conclusions about the ease of advancement based on isolated examples. Soberly assess the prospects and likelihood of quick success for each project. This will help form an objective understanding of the real situation in SEO and avoid unrealistic expectations. Read on the topic The best books on SEO website promotion a selection of SEO.RU Curse of Knowledge Effect.

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