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When the probationary period The company. This may concern financial indicators a few words about new clients the success of the. HR department who was hire marketing achievements. Praiseshit We reserve a place for the last Friday of every month take food and listen to our colleagues On the last Friday of every month anyone can talk about the departments achievements over the past month share new instructions or something personal and interesting for example we recently discusse how life is in Latvia. We often invite external speakers who share their experience and best practices.

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Employee can relieve their souls and suggest improvements. If he wants to Hong Kong Phone Number List introduce an idea for discussion and improvement he records it all in the idea book. There the statement of the problem is indicate the department in which it is addresse the place where you can propose your own solutions. The discussion is built between three participants two people HR Director. Coworking area The company rents coworking space for those who find it difficult to work at home or nee to meet with a clientteam. Meeting in person is important. LEGENDwaitwait for GIFT offline encounters Its always something new and largescale.

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Mafia played laser tag and quiz rented a loft for the New Year and had a cottage one weekend. Such meetings are very important they motivate us to work at Completo get closer and do a common cause. Plus it helps to Ghana Whatsapp Number List see each other more often and spend leisure time. IP control and certification Miniperformancereview this is what we call summing up. When the probationary period comes to its logical conclusion HR specialists and the manager develop a future plan for the employee. The meeting takes place online and is divided into two parts Performance evaluation criteria The manager prescribes the criteria for evaluating the work of this employee the employee himself evaluates.

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