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Different levels of perks, from shipping perks to insider cash. However, for the holidays, Sephora adds a discount for shoppers, depending upon their loyalty program status.Seasonal events for loyalty members.So, if you want to have creative Black Friday campaigns, consider creating a way for your loyal brand lovers to get extra perks. It’s a great way to get new brand lovers to join your loyalty program, too! Some great loyalty perks include: Free shipping Gift card with purchase amount Special discount for loyalty members Special gift with holiday purchase Double points on purchases 4.

Offer early access to deals Next on our list

Friday promotion ideas is to offer Greece Telegram Number Data early access to sales. You can intertwine this marketing idea into your loyalty program, or you can use it as a strategy to get people to join your email list. Offering early access deals are a great way to encourage shoppers to shop at your store before your competition. It can also help them avoid the crowds and get exactly what they need. Target offers early access for both their loyalty program and their RedCard holders. Target’s loyalty program, known as Target Circle, gives shoppers access to select deals the night before Thanksgiving.

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Of deals all day Wednesday. Early access Bahrain Telegram Number List deals for loyalty members or card holders.This strategy is a creative way to encourage people to shop with your business. When people get exclusive access to your deals before everyone else, it makes them feel special and encourages them to cash in on the bonus they’ve been offered. 5. Offer special discounts through hourly deals or flash sales Next on our list of ideas for creative Black Friday campaigns is to create hourly deals or flash sales. These two mediums are a great way to create a sense of urgency and get people to shop with you during the holiday weekend.

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