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The first thing you ned to pay The this article for Completo. More interesting insights from the conference https clck . Ru YEWvQ Results of the conference https clck . Ru YRypW Path of resistance how to choose the right conversions Kind. The cost of a click and traffic movement directly depends on the optimization of the advertising campaign. Attention to is whether Im taking the right conversion . Often a company builds conversions from installs CPI cost of installing the application registration requests.  CPA is an advertising metric that shows user activity on the. Site including filling out the form purchases on the site. CPS is one of the cases of the CPA model when the lead is paid for the purchase of a product. Service microconversions within an application or on a website number of impressions reposts and subscriptions.

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A lot of effort is put into installations and registrations but they Indonesia Phone Number List are susceptible to fraud and do not always reflect the quality of users. CPS on the site is more expensive so part of the work is done by microconversions certain key points that the user passes through that correlate well with purchases but the user has to be evaluated based on restrictionsconversions too few. too much It is better not to transmit them in a timely manner. Way out Synthetic conversion is the key to all problems.

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It includes the synthesis of several systems installations Indonesia Whatsapp Number List purchases on the site registrations microconversions. If you use synthetic conversions to analyze users you can divide them into two suitable groups passive and active . User selection with Machine Learning Machine learning will help you get to know your user. and learns to predict the response of someone who has shown attention to your companyng For example active users have.

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