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This is the total amount of indicator takes into account not only. The costs of an advertising campaign but also the costs of performing any. Other marketing and commercial tasks for example salaries of specialists. If you imagine ROMI as a formula it looks like this.  A simplifie example with one expense channel. Valery owns an auto parts store. He investe thousand rubles into the context. From this channel Valery receivd orders totaling thousand rubles. Thus he manage to recoup his investment exactly times. ROI Return on money investe in promotion.

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The indicator takes into account the direct costs of advertising and. The amount that it allowe you to earn.  as a formula like this CLV Customer lifetime value. This is the total amount of profit you Denmark WhatsApp Number Data have.  Receive from a client for the entire time your company has existe. Example Vasily regularly goes to the Claws and Lobsters restaurant. In he visite the establishment times and brought the restaurant thousand rubles per year. In times and brought the establishment thousand rubles. In times and brought thousand rubles. Such a client demonstrates an enviable.

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Here is the CLV formula ROSE Refers to the return on investmentrelative to Azerbaijan Phone Number List promotional costs. But there is still a difference with ROMI ROAS takes into account only the costs of the advertising campaign itself without taking into account the product margin and without taking into account the cost of other marketing tools.  than the previous indicators  Thus KPI allows you to evaluate the result of longterm investments and not the immeiate return to the budget. AOV Or average order value. In simple terms this is an average bill. The AOV metric allows you to evaluate the return on longterm investments in relation to the total number of orders.

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