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The if it fails to interest them. The attractiveness of posts depends on image quality readability of the text educational video. To effectively promote your profile on social networks create a highquality content plan for one month. Types of posts Educational uptodate facts that may interest your visitors Entertaining jokes polls conversations on topics games Selling information about the goods or services you offer. To understand what type of content is most beneficial to use on your sales page you need to do some analysis. several categories based on format. Then track the statistics of these publications over a month three months six months etc.

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Also take into account the analysis of Stories and Saudi Arabia Phone Number List live broadcasts. To do this you need to monitor your own and competitors accounts for some time. Create a table in which you will record the results of your observations. They will be useful for creating a content plan. Determine the metrics that are important to you likes comments engagement reach impressions profile clicks subscriptions profile visits or saves. Use the social networks internal tools to monitor statistics.

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Pay attention not only to the type of content but also Saudi Arabia Email List to its design. publications the length and specificity of the text and the virality of the topic play a big role. Take into account and record all the little things that can improve the performance of your chosen metric. Finally summarize and calculate the percentage of publications from different categories.  attract your target audience make up only of the total and those that do not engage may be more than half. Focus on the former and reduce the latter. When focusing on competitors it is important not to lose your own uniqueness. Post one to three posts per day. Analyze at what time your posts receive the most reviews.

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