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The Yandex Now about Google. He also has a history of clues. Notice the watch face icon next to the first clue.  Queries with this icon are displayed first since you have already entered them before. Mobile This type of search suggestions is displayed when using Google and Yandex search from mobile devices. We enter the first word and autocomplete immediately appears.  Google mobile suggestions work in a similar way. The generation of hints for individual words as in the example above is due to. The characteristics of mobile device screens. Full Fulltext tooltips are displayed on the screens of desktop devices.

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When you enter the first word several options for complete search Iran WhatsApp Number Data phrases are immediately offered The advantage of fulltext Google and Yandex hints for the user is that they can also include a short answer to a search query for example  Mobile factoids Factoids are only displayed on mobile devices. They are displayed in cases where the user is interested in a common scenario . For example a known fact a weather forecast or a currency exchange rate And this is what the factoid hint looks like in the mobile version of Google.

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At the same time do not forget that answers to entered queries are also displayed in fulltext tooltips.  embodiment there as we have already seen in the Complete section. Thus search suggestions can Armenia Phone Number List have completely different implementations depending on the type of device and other factors Now about the factors influencing the type of tooltip.  and Yandex search suggestions look for a particular user Google and Yandex take into account different factors when generating hints for each user. But the two search engines have a lot in common. Here are the top factors influencing the appearance of a tooltip in descending order of importance Relevance.

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