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The and other company channels. What innovations in data analytics await us next year in familiar tools and what will be completely new answers Completo. Classic instruments. Whats new Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica are two free data analytics services that are familiar to every marketer. competitors and keep up with Internet progress these two web analytics platforms are constantly developing and creating updates on their sites. Yandex and Google already have an answer that will simplify the work of a marketer in . Google.Analytics In the fall of Google.Analytics launched an updated version of the service Google Analytics in which for the convenience of users you can analyze actions both on the website and in the mobile application.

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Work in confidentiality Google Analytics was originally Lebanon Mobile Number List created in response to changes in consumer behavior and privacy. Cookies have made it harder for marketers to analyze user activity and Googles revamped machine learning service allows you to gain a complete understanding of your customers across devices and platforms. conversions like before. The European Union developed a mandatory requirement and introduced a rule for all global priority on the EU and the Russian market companies that collect information about individuals. Now the user who comes to your site has the opportunity to find out why you are collecting data about him.

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This can be done using special tags by adding them to Lebanon Telegram Number List the site codeĀ  jpg Google itself tells you how to choose the right tag for your site. Simplifying the functionality of the service and developing usability.the Google.Analytics interface in order to attract more site owners to use a service that is simple and easily accessible. The trend towards simplification will continue next year. As we said earlier Google Analytics tracks not only the website but also provides analytics from.

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