Panda is updated monthly so once

The are missing or too sparse. Lack of a clear theme. If a site publishes articles on unrelated topics this may indicate low quality content. Low value of information. Content written for show or thoughtlessly copied from other sources may also be the reason for being subject to sanctions. Bad behavioral factors. If users often return to the SERPs after visiting a page this may indicate low quality content. Additional aspects that affect Panda ranking Supplemental results.

In Google introduced the Speed Update algorithm

If a sites content is not unique it may be classified as secondary Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List search results reducing its visibility. Over Optimization. Resources overloaded with keywords and phrases may be lowered in ranking due to overoptimization. Duplicate content. Pages with identical content may be excluded from search results. Panda is now integrated into Googles core algorithm and is constantly being improved to even more accurately determine the usefulness of content for users. pages clear copypaste optimize internal linking. Find and fix pages that do not satisfy user requests. Add multimedia lists correct errors in texts. Place useful content in a visible area without scrolling.

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How to avoid Panda sanctions Remove duplicate

Make sure that headings and content match. Avoid keyword Bolivia Phone Number List stuffing. Add fresh content regularly. It is also important to optimize the technical aspects of the site improve usability and clean outgoing links. Panda is updated monthly so once the bugs are corrected the sanctions will be gradually lifted. Google Speed Updatewhich increases the impact of site loading speed on its position in mobile search results. This update is not a separate filter but may have a negative impact on slow resources. Speed Update reduces the position of resources that take a long time to load on mobile devices. Read on topic How to increase website loading speed. Recommendations for improving INP To avoid a drop in rankings you need to optimize the site loading speed Compress.

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