We conduct a briefing with the client

The we need to understand what the business is doing right now. What is your product What markets do you operate in How is demand for your product or service generated And also who is your target audience Business audit we check business performance analyze processes and current practices. It is based on an indicator of increasing the value of the company. Competitive analysis and market analytics . We conduct an analysis to determine your competitiveness as well as find out the pros and cons of your competitors. Target audience analysis.

Only after this stage does work begin

We assess the needs objections and expectations of the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List target audience. What may influence the purchase. Broad Spectrum Marketing . If necessary we develop a pricing strategy pricing and product policies etc. Communication with clients . A marketing consultant analyzes the process of interaction with clients. Evaluates the level of satisfaction with a product or service. Stage . We create new questions for the client Every business is unique. And in the process of working on the project additional questions arise that can be answered by the owner marketing director or his employees.

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This stage includes several points

These questions as a rule relate to the promotion strategy Canadian Phone Number List of the company as a whole pricing policy product range expansion sales and market positioning. Stage . We conduct a briefing with the client After conducting research we hold a briefing where we dive deeper into the customers business. At the briefing ideas for future strategy are voiced and options for cooperation are discussed. We want to understand how the customer sees the future of their business.  on building a general strategy and development plans. Stage . Process the received data Here we begin to process and systematize the data obtained during the first three stages. The customer receives this information on paper thanks to which he develops an objective picture.

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