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The check the contractor ask him questions and demand specifics. You need to order a website ask torture how long the work will last when the first prototype will be ready which specialists will take part in the project how the contractor will achieve business goals and what he plans to do for this what reports will be provided to you and in what time frame  Specific questions require precise answers. Dont forget about the technical aspects ask how the contractor sees the general concept of the site and its real implementation what features widgets selling elements can be installed how best to create a personal account shopping cart etc.

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It is clear that the contractor will not solve all this for you you have Belize WhatsApp Number List your own vision of the problem. However he not only can but also must offer his ideas and solutions. If the contractor begins to pour water and gets off with general phrases like we will do it quickly and efficiently we are a team of professionals think about it. If people have something to say they will definitely say it. If they dont speak it means they themselves dont know and are acting at random Method.

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Documentary Usually all these specific points are shown in the Benin Phone Number List documentation. developed internal document templates commercial proposals briefs technical specifications contracts etc.  brief things are bad. What kind of contractor is this who does not seek to obtain complete information about the clients business its target audience competitors products and services and promotion features A good agency itself will run after the client begging him to fill out the brief. After all without this the performer will work at random and such a service is unlikely to bring any benefit. And it will even do harm if the customer wastes the budget.

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