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So, if you’re a clothing store, you might offer a deal on your jeans in one hour and your sweatpants the next hour. You can use this opportunity to promote your most popular products and increase sales. Hourly sales can also help you put lesser-known products in front of your audience and help people discover them. On the other hand, flash sales can help you generate sales quickly for your business. In this example from Old Navy, they only gave shoppers six hours to snatch up an extra 40% off clearance online.

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Putting a time frame on your sale compels Hong Kong Telegram Number Data more people to shop before the deal is gone. You can use this idea with your Black Friday marketing campaigns to help generate more buzz around your business and get people to check out your limited time offers. 6. Offer deals on gift cards Some of the best Black Friday campaigns revolve around gift cards. Companies often get swept up in promoting their products that they forget people like to buy gift cards too. In fact, the National Retail Federation found that gift cards remain the most requested item on wish lists.

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Black Friday campaigns, consider offering Belarus Telegram Number List a promotion on your gift cards. Taco Bell opted to take a “get-give” approach to their gift-card deal. When people bought a $15 eGift card, they got a bonus $5 eGift card for free. Promotional gift cards when you purchase a minimum amount.Some companies may offer a free $10 gift card for every $50 gift card purchase. Other companies may offer 5% off gift cards. 7. Try something out of the ordinary Last on our list of ideas for creative Black Friday campaigns is to try something out of the ordinary! Sometimes doing something unexpected or bizarre can help you earn more sales for your business.

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