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The meet KPIs the advertised freelancer takes an advance payment and disappears into the fog. How do you understand who is who in the digital world who you can definitely trust and who falls into the dubious category We asked colleagues from the Workspace tender site to tell us from their own experience how to identify an unscrupulous contractor. They also shared their tips on how to properly communicate with agencies and freelancers. Method . Detective Turn on Sherlock Holmes enter the name of the agency or the name of the freelancer into the search engine and enjoy.

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Any information can come to light a story from a deceived client a bad Belgium WhatsApp Number List recommendation blacklisting etc. If there is a lot of negativity and it comes from uninterested people that is this is not the machinations of competitors but the cry from the heart of deceived customers disadvantaged employees etc. it is better to bypass such a contractor. It is difficult to distinguish custom reviews from real ones but it is possible. In custom orders as a rule there is no specifics everything is bad bad bad and what is bad is not clear. Real people as a rule describe all the details of what is happening.

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Fake reviews are also characterized by excessive emotionality the poor Belize Phone Number List contractor should be going to jail rather than providing services. In addition they can be written in one day on different resources and as a carbon copy especially persistent Sherlockians can check the text for uniqueness.  do find controversial information or negative reviews look at how the contractor reacts to the negativity. If you are rude make fun of someone or start blaming them back this is quite toxic. dissatisfied client to positive or at least neutral communication and solve the problem constructivelyMethod  Purely concrete If you want to.

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