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The who cannot break through and differentiate himself from his competitors. Third he is a bad specialist unprofessional his services simply cannot be expensive. Fourth he is cunning he collects a lot of cheap orders for himself and then resells them to newcomers and losers.  like on an assembly line because there is still a line of sufferers ahead to receive the service for pennies. Method . Practical Well the most reliable option is to personally look at examples of the contractors work to see what he is capable of. It is better if the portfolio contains diverse works for example if we choose a copywriter not similar SEO texts but informational articles posts for social networks texts for mailings landing pages product cards etc.

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Its even better when the contractor has cases real stories Benin WhatsApp Number List about what work was done for other clients and what results it led to. For example we carried out SEO optimization of the site we cleaned and updated the semantic core filled the texts with keywords made internal linking and after months the site rose by positions and reached the top of the search results. Or they wrote useful material in a cool media outlet and brought visitors and leads to the customers website.

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Cases are more informative and allow you to evaluate the Bolivia Phone Number List practical value of the contractors work for the business.If you are not very well versed in marketing show your portfolio and cases to a knowledgeable person an inhouse marketer another contractor you trust. Let him make his verdict. Memo for the customer how to communicate with contractors The human factor has not been canceled this applies to both contractors and customers. Sometimes we dont like people and teams. simply because we dont. They didnt get along in character as they say.

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