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The of the site. The more specific but related to the topic of the page words are present on it the better. It is not at all necessary to chase the words that you collected yourself or with the help of services. If you have an expert on a specific topic you should not force him into the framework of LSI semantics. An expert will write a highquality text with all the necessary terms. In the latter case it makes more sense to approve not a separate list of phrases but the structure of the text sections and headings. To collect LSI select only marker queries based on the intent of the main phrase.  Then it is reasonable to divide them into semantic clusters.

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Use LSI in description A good page description is extremely helpful Australia WhatsApp Number Data when it comes to SEO. Use your main keyword and LSI phrase. Your sites rankings may improve because Googles algorithms will rank your page content as more relevant to the keywords you use on the page. Use a main keyword and mix it up with a few LSI words in the body of the article. LSIs do not replace the main keywords they only complement them. Consider LSIs as helpers.

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Here are our recommendations The main keywords are still important but you dont need to add them in direct occurrences times per short post. Do you doubt whether or not to use a Australia Phone Number List key in a certain place Better not use it. Insufficient search engine optimization is always better than outright overspam. You can add no more than two LSI words to the main key otherwise you may end up with an unnatural mess of nearthematic words. void filters on sites. Using them you dont have to be afraid of pessimization the imposition of sanctions on your site by.

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