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The content from experts in the construction industry that you will immediately put into practice Marathon program Automation Automation in dealer networks using the example of cases from manufacturers of windows doors and siding Promotion on marketplaces OknaTrade case how we increased traffic to the plastic window marketplace from to per month Integrated marketing How to become No. in the region the history of promoting a window company brand. Marathon speakers Roman Tsvetkov Managing partner of Completo commercial director Alexander Plekhanov Uplab Evgeny Alexandrov CEO of the ITC agency.

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Assessment votes leave a comment What is your name Enter your Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data name Email Enter your Email A comment Enter your comment By clicking the button you agree to the rules for processing personal dataWe increase conversion.  your site to start selling We all want our websites to not only work properly and look beautiful but also to encourage people to use lead magnets leave their details and buy. For this to happen you need to increase your conversion rate. Conversion is the percentage of site users who completed the target action in relation to all site visitors.

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Conversion is calculated as a percentage. For example if out of Belgium Phone Number List people left their phone number then the conversion rate will be . The higher the conversion rate of your website the better it performs its functions. The answer to the question How to increase conversion turned into this article with techniques to increase conversions. To the point.  but regular revision of texts on the site helps increase conversion. What specific actions are we interested in Check texts for errors. No one wants to buy on a site where they confuse tsya and tsya.

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