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The dealers who are ready to work conscientiously. Synchronization of goods and balances. A very convenient module that allows dealers to select the products they sell. Also through this model integrated with C you can order products from the manufacturers warehouse. Websites for dealers. Thanks to a special website generator built into the CRM system you can create websites for dealers in a few clicks. Options for subdealers. The system makes it easy to include subdealers with personal accounts and ordering capabilities. The dealer will be able to exercise control over the subdealeTool.

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Dealer website generator Problem Dealer websites do not meet the Bahrain WhatsApp Number List requirements of the manufacturer because corporate style is not respected different prices including within the region The dealers catalog may include different brands including competitors products. may compete with the manufacturers website. Solution. Dealer website generator.  software for quickly creating dealer websites that will meet the manufacturers requirements. Thanks to this solution you can easily create online sales platforms the dealer only needs to enter the necessary data and receive a readymade personalized product catalog.

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When generating new sites important principles are taken into account Bahrain Phone Number List quick website creation SEO optimization for search engine requirements dealer performance analytics easy launch of advertising campaigns. It takes a few minutes to create such a site. The dealer just enters the necessary data into the fields selects readymade texts and customizes the design. The site is ready. Such sites are created on the Bitrix Start version system so in the future the dealer can manage them immediately after launch. the site generator the Completo client received the following results websites created more than . million unique visitors . failures more than thousand calls more than . million rubles in income from online orders. Tool . Systematic electronic marketing SEM for the dealer Client.

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