Minimize external signs of connectivity

The from the search engine. Make the content understandable and useful for users. Add unique articles rewrite texts in simple language divide into paragraphs. Remove all duplicate or lowquality content. Leave only your best articles. Submit new or correcte pages for indexing via Yandex.Webmaster. Wait for reindexing and watch the results. If the site has not returne check again for any remaining errors. The period within which Yandex can remove the AGS filter after correcting all the shortcomings is not precisely fixe. It may vary depending on how quickly you fixe the problems and how quickly Yandex employees process your request for reverification. Affiliation.

Wait for the algorithms

This algorithmic filter is aimed at limiting the search results Romania WhatsApp Number List of sites from the same owner that compete with each other for the same queries. Suspicion of affiliation arises if the resources Have similar domain names. They are located on the same IP addresses. They use the same CMS or structure. Duplicate catalog of goods and services.  They are promoted for similar queries and regions. As a result of applying a filter one of the duplicate sites drops out of the index and loses positions. Which one exactly is unpredictable. The filter can be applied either automatically or manually after a complaint from competitors. Read on topic How not to get an affiliate filter a set of rules To remove the affiliation filter you need to Check site affiliation.

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They have mutual Minimize external signs links and redirects

To conduct such an audit we recommend contacting SEO.RU specialists. Minimize Bahrain Phone Number List external signs of connectivity between these sites Correct matching contact information and details. Remove crosslinks between sites. Remove duplicate text and graphic content. Change the structure and design of websites beyond recognition. Eliminate technical factors of affiliation Change website IP addresses. Translate to different platforms and CMS. Change hostingservers. Add unique content to sites expand topics so that sites no longer look like clones of each other.

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