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The tool is designed to collect and analyze keywords as well as to study competing sites in search results. How to use Add your main queries to Key Collector for which you want to analyze your competitors. These can be either single words or phrases. Key Collector will analyze the current positions of sites in search results for these queries in Yandex and Google. To see competitor sites go to SERP Data Compare SERPs. How to find competitors in Key Collector Pay attention to the resources that regularly appear in the first positions for most of your keywords.

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Most likely these are your main rivals. Add your competitors sites to Malaysia WhatsApp Number List your watch list to stay on top of their rankings. Key Collector will allow you to see the dynamics of the positions of your resource and competitors sites where they are growing where they are falling. Key Collector will also suggest new relevant queries for which you can optimize and beat other companies. Based on this data you can adjust your SEO strategy to improve your rankings. Ahrefs One of the leading tools for SEO analysis which is used to identify and analyze competitors in search results.

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How to use Competitors in Ahrefs can be viewed in the Site Explorer Bahrain Phone Number List Organic Search Organic competitors section. The service will show data based on organic website traffic. How to Find Competitors on Ahrefs If the site has no traffic or the service does not see such traffic then Ahrefs will not show competitors websites. to enable VPN. Topvisor A universal SEO tool that helps in tracking website positions in search engines and analyzing competitors. How to use Topvisor to analyze and identify competitors in search results Add to Topvisor your target queries for which you need to track positions and analyze other sites.

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