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The Search Console. How to fix remove or block access to content that violates the rules. Submit an appeal to Search Console if the block is unfounded. Spam in micro markup The filter was released in . It is aimed at identifying and punishing sites that abuse Micro markup is needed to create informative snippets in search results. But some resources began to abuse this opportunity and began to include incorrect information in snippets. For example inflated ratings and ratings that are not on the site. Consequences reduction in the positions of pages with spam in micro markup.

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Removing structured data from the snippet. How to fix Remove Iceland WhatsApp Number List any markup that does not reflect the actual content or creates a misleading picture for example unverified ratings or artificially inflated ratings. Regularly check pages for compliance with micromarkup Google recommendations. Links reference dump Identifies sites that abuse outbound links. Such sites are often called link dumps because they provide a lot of links to thirdparty resources often of low quality or unrelated to the content of the prawkishopom.

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The owners of such garbage dumps do this to manipulate the Azerbaijan Phone Number List search engine. Or to receive money from those sites to which links lead. Consequences Decline in Google rankings the more irrelevant links the more the rankings Deterioration of the sites reputation in the eyes of visitors and search engines. How to fix it remove unnecessary and lowquality links if they do not benefit visitors. You can download and analyze a list of all external links on the site using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider service .important to make sure that the inbound links to your site are coming from quality topicrelevant resources.  for link placement offpage SEO Broken links The algorithm focuses on identifying pages on the Internet that contain a large.

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