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The queries in Yandex and Google results. Then further compare this list with data from Ahrefs Labrika Topvisor and SimilarWeb. This way you can filter out random matches. As a result you should get a narrow list of competitor sites that are really actively promoting and overlap with you on most keys. It is these sites that ned to be taken for further indepth analysis.  the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents their advantages and opportunities for you. What to analyze on competitors websites Now in order to plan the promotion of your website lets look at what indicators nee to be analyze on competitors websites Positions in search results Take of your main commercial queries and check the positions of your competitors sites for them.

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Who is in the top top top . Compare with the current positions Mexico WhatsApp Number List of your site. Is there a lag Which queries are you losing on Monitor the dynamics of positions in search results using services. e are they falling Due to what Analyze position fluctuations by date region device. Highlight the strongest regions and periods of competitors. Draw conclusions about the current position of your site relative to your main competitors for key commercial queries. Read on the topic How to check a sites position in search results a review of popular services Specifications Compare the page loading speed of competitors and your site.

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This can be done in the PageSpeed Insights service . If your site Belgium Phone Number List is lagging behind in speed you need to optimize it. Analyze the mobile responsiveness of competitors websites using the MobileFriendly Test service . Check the age of domains. Older domains often have a ranking advantage. The domain age can be found in the ip service . You can also use tools like Ahrefs or Screaming Frog SEO Spider they provide technical.

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