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The Based on this data resources are identified that violate search engine rules using prohibited promotion methods copying content cluttering pages with advertisements etc. Such resources receive sanctions in the form of lower positions or complete exclusion from the index. Search engines regularly improve their algorithms. This is necessary to receive uptodate information about the quality of sites. And also show users only the best and relevant search results. Knowing how filters work is important for highquality website promotion . How to tell if Google has applied a filter There are several ways to find out if Google has penalized your site Check notifications in Google Search Console.

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In the Google Search Console menu find the Search Traffic Manual Greece WhatsApp Number List Actions section. Google Search Console Manual Actions If there are problems reported there read what needs to be fixed. Google will remove the restrictions. Analyze search traffic. If you notice a sharp decrease in visitors in Google Analytics this may be a signal of sanctions from the PS. Sometimes traffic drops due to seasonality or less interest in your topic. But if the drop is sudden and large it may be the filters. Its also worth checking to see if this drop coincides with any recent Google algorithm updates. Check the number of pages in the index. Enter into the search engine.

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See how many pages the search engine shows. Checking the Belgium Phone Number List number of pages in the index If the page count has decreased check with the algorithm update dates. Check site positions. There are special SEO tools that help you quickly check your sites position in the search engine. Here are the most popular Google Search Console. Topvisor. Factory. AllPosition. KeyCollector. They will show the sites current positions for queries as well as the dynamics of changes in positions for the selected period.

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