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The promote well you need to understand how search robots perceive it. Their vision may be different from what people see. There are special tools that help you see a site through the eyes of search engines. This allows you to find optimization errors. You can start with simple services for webmasters from Google and Yandex. They will give a general picture of indexing problems. It is also useful to look at cached versions of pages in search engines and compare them with the live site. This will help you find hidden text or errors. For a more indepth analysis you should use Browser extensions JS Switcher SEO All Stars. Pros simplicity clarity speed.

They force us to see the situation

Cons limited functionality not a complete Ecuador WhatsApp Number List imitation of bots. Simulate requests via cURL and Postman. Pros maximum accuracy flexible settings Cons complexity requires technical skills Changing useragent in Chrome DevTools. Pros simplicity use of familiar tools. Cons You have to change the settings manually every time. combine different tools and choose them depending on the current tasks of analyzing and optimizing the site for search robots. This will help improve the perception and indexing of pages which will have a positive effect on website promotion. types of cognitive biases of SEO specialists. How to deal with them .

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Reading time minutes Update date SEO specialists make Argentina Phone Number List dozens of decisions every day in their work choosing a promotion strategy keywords writing texts optimizing technical factors of the site. And very often they rely not only on knowledge and experience but also on intuition. But intuition unfortunately can fail due to socalled cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions are mistakes in thinking that we all make subconsciously. biasedly and make not the most rational conclusions. Why do such distortions occur Because our brain loves to simplify information. Instead of a complete analysis.

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