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The programs. Heres how to do it Search in Google and Yandex. This is the most obvious and simple way. You simply enter into the search bar the same queries that should bring users to your site and see. Which sites are shown in the first positions. For example if you sell electric scooters try searching for electric scooter and see. Who your competitors are in the top search results. Advanc search operators Google and Yandex provide a number of search operators that help refine queries and make searches more accurate. For example The site operator allows you to limit your search to pages on a specific site.

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For example if you enter into the search bar Macedonia WhatsApp Number List the search engine will only show results from that specific site Site operator This way you can find out how much and what kind of content has been published on competitors websites on a topic that interests you. You can refine your query by adding keywords after the operator for example siteexampleru coffee machines to see all pages on related to coffee machines. How to find out what content is published on competitor sites The intitle operator will help you find all pages that have your keyword in their titles.

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This will give you an idea of who is focusing on Bahamas Phone Number List these queries. and complete data it is better to use special services. They take into account hundreds of factors but this is difficult for a person to do. In addition the tools allow you to track dynamics in real time. . And there is a danger of missing new players during manual analysis and services regularly scan the market. Services for identifying competitors websites With specialized tools identifying leaders in a niche will be easier and faster. Lets look at some of the popular systems Key Collector.

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