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The the heir to email marketing. Triggered mass segmented mailings and mailing chains have existed for a long time its just that years ago there was only one universal tool for these purposes email. In fairness it is worth mentioning the existence of SMS and push mailings but these tools have never been so widespread due to internal limitations. A chatbot can do everything an email can do and then some. Plus the chatbot shows simply stellar results compared to what we are used to seeing in mailings. For mass email campaigns the open rate is on average in exceptional cases up to.

Communication in the messenger is a

This is not surprising our inboxes are bursting with letters with Mexico WhatsApp Number Data announcements promotions discounts and great deals. While messengers are not yet flooded with spam you can count on an incredible open rate of . For many of us unread messages in the messenger cause discomfort and you will open the message even if you dont really want to read it. What about the click rate Out of recipients in chatbots at least will click on the link in the message. In email this figure is at best times lower. What other arguments are in favor of a chatbot . of your target audience uses messengers.

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The interactivity of the chatbot allows

The penetration of instant messengers into our lives has Cameroon Phone Number List significantly exceeded the penetration of email even corporate communications have flowed almost completely into instant messengers.  you to implement the most complex chains and cycles connect the manager to a dialogue with the user at any time and implement seamless scenarios for example when we collect applications directly from the messenger excluding the site from the sales funnel achieving greater conversion. But there are also disadvantages. Firstly it is obvious that we cannot completely abandon email marketing just yet.

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