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The with C is required. You also need to watch out for unscrupulous dealers who undermine the brands reputation. Solution. Creation of a unique customized personal account for the clients tasks. At the first stage we held a briefing during which we found out what the clients main needs and objectives were. Why exactly do you need a personal account The result of the briefing is the drafted technical specifications for creating a personal account on the manufacturers website. We started prototyping. It consisted of four stages. First basic interface authorization menu profile user management catalog in viewing and editing modes.

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At the second stage graphic prototypes of the main elements of the personal Austria WhatsApp Number List account were developed cart ordering list of orders etc. Next summary account statistics and an internal notification system were created. A chat was created. At the last stage a dealer profile was developed balances draft orders notifications via messengers. We received graphic prototypes. Since the system was completely selfwritten and was optimized for the customers tasks it weighed very little and worked quite quickly. We also included the possibility of translating the personal account into several languages.

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Managers take a long time to respond to

This is a good option for dealers from other countries. Then we started Austria Phone Number List developing a dealers personal account with all the necessary functionality. Next is the testing and launch phase. For new users we have recorded text and video instructions on how to use your personal account. Tool . Telephony _.png Client. network throughout the country Problem.  requests which is why they lose clients. Dealer personnel are poorly trained they dont introduce themselves when answering a call dont ask whos calling and dont make upsells. Some companies have a feedback form on the website but do not call back after submitting a request. Solution. Digitalization of application processing via telephony In the process of implementing.

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