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The largest steel door plant in the Russian Federation. Problem. Dealers are not integrated with the main site. If the order went to the dealer then it is lost. Hence the big black hole in the analytics of the performance of dealer networks. Solution. Implementation of systemic electronic marketing for a company with a network of dealers  the clients business. This took more than two months complete immersion in business processes market sales logistics production retail networks. We created a convenient catalog of doors on the website with the help of which people with different needs could choose a door.

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For example for visuals we set up filters by color and finish. For people with a Bangladesh WhatsApp Number List technical mindset the choice was easily made based on the technical parameters of the door door thickness thermal insulation characteristics etc. We have developed an application for trying on doors. Any user could place the selected door in their interior and see how it fits into the space. We have implemented a system that allows you to hang banners and promotional articles on the site.

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As a result we received an increase

It is now possible to set targeting by utm tags. We implemented analytics up Belarus Phone Number List to the order amount google analytics which made it possible to set up a system for tracking not only the number of orders but also the amount for which these orders were made. SEO optimization and advertising reconfiguration.  in site rankings for thousands of queries. Organics grew by . The cost of a targeted call has decreased by times. Total traffic increased times. We worked with social networks. million people saw our information and advertising. We implemented our own CRM system. Integrated with telephony and web analytics. As a result dealer orders were controlled. All dealer purchases were optimized. Control has been established over the processing of applications.

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