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The Solution Integration of the CRM system with the dealers internal processes. Kompleto has impressive experience working with large manufacturers with extensive dealer networks. This experience suggested that there is no CRM system on the market that could control and successfully distribute calls between dealers. Then it was decided to develop this system independently. The solution found made it possible to digitize manufacturers marketing and integrate it with online marketing which significantly improved business performance. The system allows you to increase sales by . This is a great tool to help your dealers make sales.

The system strictly monitors each order

In addition it will be easy for you to monitor their activity control and Bahamas WhatsApp Number List manage individual parameters. The system consists of modules. IP telephony. The issue of integrating CRM with telephony has been resolved from the beginning. Popup cards call tracking forwarding and other options work perfectly. The number of calls and the advertising channels from which they come are recorded. The database also contains all the information about the application status region etc. Application analytics. The painful issue of lost customers for many manufacturers will now be a thing of the past.

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If something goes wrong you will find

For each application all information is stored in the database managerBahamas Phone Number List region processing time application details. In addition records of conversations with the company manager are immediately uploaded to applications. ut immediately. Distribution of orders between dealers. from the database and records its implementation. If the order has gone to the most remote corner of the country you will still know at what stage its execution is and what the result is. Dealer rating. You will see all the reporting for each of your dealers. And if one of the partners performs poorly then the system will see this and assign him an appropriate rating. In the future you will be able to distribute orders only among conscientious and responsible.

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