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The inside he describes the portrait of the future candidatejpg. That we are looking for a candidate. Before starting the search we also discuss the persona the employees responsibilities technical skills previous. Eork experience salary range. Afterwards the HR director conducts research for each position at special sites Geek Job And the recruiter takes on the vacancy for development. This is where the most interesting thing happens to make the response juicy so that the candidate also wants to come to us.

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This is a huge field for the recruiters imagination where the usual Canada Phone Number List responsibilities requirements and conditions will not attract anyone . The HR department covers one of the market goals of marketing ensuring the sales of jobs to candidates and employees. The first step in the work is attraction. writing standard we welcome candidates on behalf of the manager talk about the company what projects we are working on. Next we write about who we are looking for what we have to do what the candidate will receive in return for his contribution to development.

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The second step is to record the information. When you have a complete Cyprus Whatsapp Number List picture of the vacancy and the candidate the recruiter identifies key questions. He asks them at the first stage of selection you receive the first phone call. We provide an introduction to the position and describe upcoming responsibilities. The third step is selection.  invitation to an online interview they communicate with the manager via Google Meet or Zoom. At the end we offer to complete a test task it may or may not be paid. The assessment of technical specifications is carried out according to the following criteria Deadline According to statistics ask to move the deadline.

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