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The by dealers. We also managed to reduce the time of delivery of goods to the end consumer due to the digitalization of warehouse balances. It is possible to gain control over the dealer network with mutual benefit for both the manufacturer and the dealer. Digitalization of business and modification of business processes related to accepting applications will increase salescontrol over dealers you will minimize lead losses be able to see all key dealer operations and have full control over the actions of intermediaries. Digitalization of the dealer network is also good because it doesnt matter how many dealers you have or a large network throughout the country and abroad.

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You can manage a network of any size in one window. Did you like Belarus WhatsApp Number List the article Tell us about her on social networks Grade votes leave a comment What is your name Enter your name Email Enter your Email A comment Enter your comment By clicking the button you agree to the rules for processing personal data Receive the main digital news in a convenient format blog Editors Choice UX and CX trends what BB buyers want in Competitor analysis how a business can find unobvious growth points Digital news secrets of interaction with target audience promotion in.

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