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The the topic Website promotion by traffic or by position which is better to choose How to check site positions manually You can find out what place a site ranks in search results manually directly in the search engine. Heres how to do it Enter incognito mode in your browser. Enter the query you are interested in in the search. Browse all result pages and find the site youre looking for. Record its position for this request. Repeat for other keywords. This method has many disadvantages Very labor intensive and time consuming. It is impossible to obtain data from multiple queries at once. There is no history or dynamics of positions.

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Therefore for a qualitative analysis of positions it is better to Netherlands WhatsApp Number List use special tools. This will save time and allow you to get a complete picture in a few clicks. Online services for tracking positions To track your sites position in search engines you can use different tools both free and paid. Free services such as Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console are suitable for basic analysis. These tools are available after confirming the rights to the site and allow you to monitor basic SEO metrics. For advanced analysis with checking new requests comparing positions with competitors and exporting data paid services are better suited.

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They provide advanced capabilities for indepth SEO analysis. Lets look at Bolivia Phone Number List two free tools first and then move on to paid ones. Yandex.Webmaster Webmaster provides data on the sites position in Yandex results the number of transitions indexing and other SEO indicators. To start monitoring Add the Yandex.Webmaster website and confirm your rights to it. In the side menu go to the Search Queries section. How to check a sites position in Yandex.Webmaster Create a group of search queries and add keywords of interest to it up to per group.

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