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The automatic desire to use old thinking patterns. Before starting work on a new project clear your mind and tune in to a new task. Study the specifics and best SEO practices of the exact niche you are working on. Dont rely only on knowledge from other areas. Specifically look for nonstandard ways of promotion that are suitable for a specific project. Even if they dont fit into the usual patterns. Consult with more experienced SEO specialists who have encountered optimization of similar projects. Monitor the results of initial experiments and adjust the strategy to the real situation and not to a template.

The Tetris effect is when a person

Gradually by expanding your experience with different topics you Georgia WhatsApp Number List can learn to avoid the Tetris effect in your work. Summary We have dealt with the main thinking mistakes that lie in wait for SEO specialists. This Clinging to old methods that once worked but no longer do. We need to reconsider approaches more often and not do something just because thats the way its done. Finding facts that only support your ideas. But you need to look more broadly what if you dont notice something When you feel like you are in complete control of the outcome.

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Although in reality a lot depends on external factors. It happens Bahrain Phone Number List that an SEO specialist pays attention only to the successes of himself and his colleagues and as if there are no failures. But you also need to learn from failures.knowledge it is already difficult to put yourself in the place of an ordinary user. And without this you wont be able to truly evaluate usability. Overconfidence in your own decisions. When it seems like you know everything better than anyone else and dont check different opinions. Tendency to make belated judgments when it seems that initially everything was predicted correctly although this was not the case.

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